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Seminarios de investigación curso 2020/2021

(*) Important note on certificates of achievement: these certificates will only be issued to persons who attend all the sessions of the seminar and pass the evaluation activities that the teachers will propose. To request this certificate please follow these instructions: if you are an undergraduate student, send an email to and fill this form; if you are a Master or PhD student, send an email to

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Semestre de OTOÑO / FALL semester

  • An introduction to blockchain, its fundamentals and usefulness (9, 10, 16, 17 Dec. 2020)

Semestre de PRIMAVERA / SPRING semester


Semestre de OTOÑO / FALL semester


An introduction to blockchain, its fundamentals and usefulness

Dr. Jesús Rodríguez Molina (Dept. de Ingeniería Telemática y Electrónica, UPM)

Table of contents:

1. Introduction to blockchain
1.1. Databases, distribution, cryptography, networking introductory concepts.
1.2. Definition of blockchain. Roles that the previous concepts play in it.
1.3. Blockchain main features: distribution, redundancy, transparency, immutability, consensus.

2. Main components of blockchain.
2.1. Public and private keys.
2.2. Hash function.
2.3. “Nonce” number.
2.4. Transactions.
2.5. Blocks.

3. Mining and validation.
3.1. Consensus algorithm.
3.2. Proof-Of-Work.
3.3. Proof-Of-Stake.
3.4. Proof-Of-Authority.
3.5. Other algorithms.

4. Transactions.
4.1. Transaction integrity.
4.2. Transaction conflicts.

5. Blockchain use cases
5.1. Utilities.
5.2. Trade of goods and services.
5.3. Smart contracts.

Date and time:

Wed. 9, Thu. 10, Wed. 16, and Thu. 17 December 2020, 12:30h to 14:30h (8 hours).


Online, using Microsoft Teams platform.




Send an email from your address to including your name and the degree that you are enrolled in, no later than Friday 4 December 2020.

Workload for attendants with certificate of achievement (*):

  • Students of the PhD Program in Systems and Services for the Information Society: 10 hours' worth of "specific seminars".

  • Undergraduate students: 0.5 ECTS.

Additional information:

Previous knowledge needed to follow this seminar:

  • Java programming.
  • Usage of an IDE such as Eclipse or Netbeans.

To follow this seminar you will need a computer with Internet access and Microsoft Teams. To use Microsoft Teams first register with Office 365 as a UPM member (only necessary once) and then either access Teams through the browser or download the installer from the O365 website.



Semestre de PRIMAVERA / SPRING semester